Walter vom Saal

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The UUSO Spring Auction is coming soon.  CLICK HERE to see description of auction items offered by Suzanne Miller and Walter vom Saal.

This is the home page for information about Walter vom Saal.  It includes information about me and my family, some of my thoughts and ideas, and links to many photo albums.  It also contains a separate section on family history, intended to update and replace my old separate website on vom Saal family history.

This website is UNDER DEVELOPMENT and may be for a long time!

Since I am creating this website myself, it is not very sophisticated.  Until I have the basic site laid out, I am not putting many links inside pages.  If you want to navigate to different pages on the website, it is best to use the menu at the top of this page.

Please contact me with information about errors, corrections, additions, or suggestions.

This new website is intended to replace several older personal and professional websites that I developed quite a few years ago with much earlier technology and have not maintained since.  Appropriate sections of this new website include links to material housed on older websites.  I plan to eventually move the old material that I want to retain into this new website, but that may take a while.  Click here if you want to go directly to one of my older websites.