Old Websites

Links to several of my older websites

This new website is intended to replace several older personal and professional websites that I developed quite a few years ago. Appropriate sections of this new website include links to material housed on older websites.  I plan to eventually move the old material that I want to retain into this new website, but that may take a while.  

You may want to go to one my older websites. Many of them are significantly out of date.   I developed most of them over ten year ago with much earlier technology and have not maintained them since.

They include:

The vom Saal family history website. 

Walter vom Saal professional website at SUNY Oneonta.

My professional resume.

I made one other brief attempt at a personal website that is old, incomplete, and out of date.  It is very incomplete and most of it should just be discarded.  However, since there may be a couple of things on it that I want to keep, here is a link that old personal website.