x-vom Saal family history

Click here to go to the original vom Saal family history website I developed, which will open in a new tab.  That website has not been updated in a long time and I plan to move it and update it.  It does contain a large set of materials, including:

  1. Family crests and coats of arms.
  2. Artifacts and family heirlooms.
  3. Photos and information about the “kneeling knight” monument in the Cathedral in Mainz, Germany.  We may or may not be descended from him.  I need to add more about that.
  4. Two large velvet photo albums with pictures of many family ancestors and relatives.
  5.  Genealogy charts and family trees.
  6. A memorial book of my great grandfather Friedrich Heppenheimer.
  7. A set of old documents including baptismal certificates, marriage certificates, and other church records from Germany
  8. A few scanned pages from an old (1707) book on noble families of Germany that includes a page on von Heppenheim vom Saal.

This set of materials has not been updated in a number of years.  Also to be added is more information on whether the present day vom Saal family is really related to the von Heppenheim vom Saal family described in the 1707 book and depicted in the monument in the Mainz cathedral.