Overview of Ideas Section

This page may be used to provide an overview of this section of the website.

For now it is mostly a placeholder.

I have not yet decided how to organize this section.

One possibility: 

One main section with things I have written: 

  • Thoughts, ideas, reflections, comments, letters, etc.  
  • Links to other articles
  • Possibly also several of the  presentations Suzanne and I have made since our retirement.

A second main section with notes on books and readings.

  • This could include a large set of notes made previously.
  • It also could include notes on the books I have read as part the Social Science Reading Group in Oneonta.

For the time being, this is just a placeholder page while I experiment with site organization.

Preliminary notes and links may be shown here as well.

Links to subsidiary pages may be added here.

Links to related pages may be added here.

Links to related websites may be added here.