One of my hobbies is photography. Here are links to various albums.

I am still learning how to display photos. I have most of my photos stored in Lightroom, and I need to learn more about making photo albums and galleries with Lightroom that can be displayed here. In the meantime, I will post at least a few links to photo albums stored in my OneDrive folders, and possibly some links to older web albums.

I will develop a more complete system for organizing material if and when I put more photos here. For now, I am simply dividing photos into the categories of Nature Photos, Travel Photos, and Photos for Friends. Use the menu at the top of the page to navigate.


Link to photo set.  This is a link to a set of photos uploaded to my OneDrive account.  The photos are of Worms, Germany.  They were exported to my OneDrive account from Lightroom with maximum size of 3000 pixels on the longest edge.  The link is to the folder in OneDrive that contains the photos.


1. The photos do display a label under them showing the photo captions.

2. Click on information on the top right [(i) inside circle] for additional information regarding keywords, etc.

I also created a photo gallery of the same photos created in Lightroom and exported to my OneDrive account.

Link to the folder containing the gallery.  Click on index.html within the folder to view the gallery.

Link to starting file.  This is a direct link to the index.html file inside the folder.  I am not sure whether permissions will allow the contents in the rest of the folder to be viewed.

RESULTS: this does not work.  The file displays as a text file.  I do not know how to make it open in a web browser.  It may be that I need to put the whole gallery on the website.

Update 2/5/2019:

More comprehensive tests are now under way.