Sharon Springs

The vom Saal family home in The Park, Sharon Springs, NY

Sharon Springs

This includes photos and information about the vom Saal property in Sharon Springs, NY, which was in the family for over 100 years. This property, called “The Park” at the northern end of the small village of Sharon Springs, formerly included bath houses, the main house, a bandstand, a tennis court, a barn converted to include a caretaker’s home, and the iconic “Magnesia Temple” which still stands today. I visited it often as a child.

Also see the video of the house in Sharon Springs made by my niece Jennifer Decker when she was young.

Also see the historic photos of Sharon Springs from my old website.

Further description and information here needs to be edited.  For now, I will just note that information available for this section includes:

  • photos of the family property in Sharon Springs, NY. (A small subset is available above.)
  • a video made by Jennifer Decker when she was young (available above).
  • historical photos of Sharon Springs (available above).
  • maps of the property and diagrams of the house (available above).
  • possibly an set of materials from a presentation I made to the Sharon Springs Historical Society a few years ago.  (This needs to be added.)