This website

Information about construction and organization

I started making this website in November, 2018.  It’s purpose was to give me a place to organize and present various materials, including some of my photography, some of my writing and ideas, and some of the many materials I have on family history.  It also replaces and/or provides a central place to link to various old websites I have created in the past that I no longer maintain.  

At some point in the not too distant future I will either die, become too old to maintain this website, or develop other higher priorities for how I spend my time.  It is at least remotely possible that someone else may want to continue parts of this project, at least to maintain the family history material.  For that reason, I’m including information on how the website was constructed.

The three related documents below are all PDF files located on my OneDrive account.  Each will open in a separate window or tab.

  • Instructions: Notes on how to create pages, page elements, and other aspects of the website.
  • Chronological File: Notes on the development of this website and additions or changes to it by date.
  • To Do list: Notes on what still remains to be done.

I’m open to input on any of this.  If you have suggestions or ideas,  contact me through the Contact Page.

– Walter vom Saal