OneDrive Photo Albums

Why I am saying that OneDrive photo albums are HORRIBLE

I am writing this 2/9/2019, and possibly by the time you read it Microsoft will have fixed this and what I am saying here will be wrong.  I hope so.

OneDrive is a nice system for backing up all documents on a Windows based machine, and is also useful for sharing documents with others.  For photos, Microsoft added a feature called ALBUMS.  You can take a set of photos and make an album with them.  However – and I still find this hard to believe – it is not possible to re-order the photos in an album.  This makes the whole idea of an album almost useless for my purposes.  I can’t imagine why Microsoft would even add the photo album feature to OneDrive without providing the ability to re-order the photos in the album.

OneDrive does allow you to set the order of the documents in a folder, and this is very nice.  It is possible to sort the contents of a folder by filename, sort by date, or even create a custom sort order.  You may notice that many of my photos have a name that includes Photo 101, Photo 102, etc at the start of the filename and then other characters.  That is because I can create a collection of photos in Lightroom, arrange them in my desired order, and then export them with the photo sequence number at the start of the original photo filename.  Then when I sort the photos by filename, they will display in the order I want.  I also can move them around later for fine tuning if I want.  

I can do this with the contents of a folder in OneDrive.  I can’t do it with a Photo Album.  It makes no sense.