Charlotte Talmadge Towle

Mother of Jane T. Towle

Charlotte Talmadge Towle

Charlotte Talmadge Towle was my mother’s mother.  She was married to Ellingwood Hubbard Towle. My mother (Jane T. Towle vom Saal) was the third of her four children. She was divorced from Ellingwood in 1935(?), and later married George Baut.

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Information on Charlotte Talmadge Towle


8/31/1898. Born in Derby, CT.

11/21/1917. Married Ellingwood Hubbard Towle.

Four children.  See dates and information on the page for Ellingwood Hubbard Towle.

1935. Divorced from Ellingwood Hubbard Towle.

4/16/1952. Died in Derby, CT.


From a letter written by Jane T. Towle (his daughter) to her niece Laurie, 3/27/1992:

“Charlotte Marjorie Talmadge was born in Derby CT on 8/31/1898.  She graduated from derby High School in 1917 (very few did in those days!).  She was the youngest of six children.  Married Ellingwood Hubbard Towle in 1917.   Her parents were Annie Thatcher – died 1917 – and George ?? Talmadge – a school teacher and preacher (Methodist) – also a farmer, no doubt.  Quite old when he died in 1934 (I think!  I was in 8th grade when that happened, so knew him quite well, and went to the funeral. ”   …  

After her divorce from Ellingwood Hubbard Towle, Charlotte married George Baut.  My mother was never very fond of him, but we did see him on many of our trips to see my mother’s sister “Aunt Mizzie” (Mary Elizabeth) in Connecticut, when he came to Aunt Mizzie’s house to visit.

According to the letter written by Jane T. Towle (his daughter) to her niece Laurie, 3/27/1992, Charlotte Towle Baut died in Derby on April 16, 1952.