James E. Towle

Brother of Jane T. Towle

James E. Towle

James E. Towle was my mother’s brother and was known to me and my siblings as“Uncle Jimmy.”  He was a pilot killed in the Korean war.  My mother was very close to him, and his loss was a source of great sadness to her throughout her life.

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Photos and documents of James E. Towle        [**NOTE**]

Information on James Ellingwood Towle

Gathered by Walter vom Saal as of 3/14/2019


2/19/1927.  Born (in Derby, CT?)

10/13/1950.  Married Dorothy (Dottie) Bassford.

4/22/1951.  Shot down over Korea and presumed dead.  Telegram to his mother stated that “your son’s plane was hit by enemy ground fire. His aircraft was observed to dive into the ground and crash.  Unfortunately, no sign of life was observed after the crash. From the information received it is indicated that in all probability your son perished in the crash.”

He was officially declared dead at a later date.

2/6/1954.  Dottie married Ed Goodyear.