UU auction items

The following are being offered by Walter vom Saal and Suzanne Miller at the spring auction of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta

China set

China Dessert Set of 4 cups, saucers and dessert plates, gold rimmed with delicate beige and blue floral pattern.  Plates are 7-inch diameter.  Stamped Geo. Borgfeldt, NY.

$25 minimum.  Offered by Suzanne Miller and Walter vom Saal.

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Four 10-ounce tumblers and Five 8-ounce glasses.

$20 minimum.  Offered by Suzanne Miller and Walter vom Saal

Framed photo of your choice

Description: Select one of my photos in the link below and it will be printed and mounted in a frame suitable for hanging.  You may choose from frames of various sizes.  Printing is available up to 12 x 18 inches on quality paper with archival printer.

$30 minimum.  Offered by Walter vom Saal

You can select from the photos in the link below.  After clicking the link, click on an individual photo to view it and then scroll through the photos.  You may need to wait a second or two for the full resolution photo to show on your screen.

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Photo restoration

Description: I will take one of your own old family photos that is faded or slightly damaged, scan it, repair it digitally, then print two copies for you.  You also will get a digital copy of the repaired photo.  Printed in sizes of your choice up to a maximum print size of 8 x 10 inches (no frame included).  Printer uses archival paper and ink.

$20 for each photo to be repaired.  Limit 10 photos.  Offered by Walter vom Saal. 

See sample pictures…

Pie of the month

Description: Pie of the Month with a variety of options to choose from including pecan, maple walnut, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, apple, pumpkin and more! Flavor and delivery date will be worked out each month between baker and buyer.

$75 minimum.  1 subscription.  Offered by Suzanne Miller.

Flower arrangement

Description: Flower Arrangement uniquely designed for a special occasion such as a holiday, birthday, anniversary, dinner party, etc. (Not available July 9 to July 20, 2020.)

$35 per arrangement.  Limit 3 arrangements.  Offered by Suzanne Miller.  

See sample flower arrangements . . .

Power screwdriver

Description: DeWalt Model DCF680 cordless screwdriver.  Lightly used.  Includes 8v Max Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, charger, replacement bits (see photos). 

Motion activation, variable speed, and reversing control for precise fastening control.  Built-in light provides illumination in confined areas without shadowing.  (List price at Lowes and Home Depot currently $74 – $79.)

$15 minimum.  

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Job-Max Multi-tool

Description:  Used Ridgid model R8223400 12-volt rechargeable multi-tool plus P570 head, with battery, charger, square-end cutting tool, round-head cutting tool, sanding head, and extra sandpaper.

NOTE: This comes with vibrating head that can be used for cutting wood or metal and also for sanding.  Additional heads can be purchased to make this a jig saw, reciprocating saw, right angle driver, and more.  (Ryobi heads also fit this tool.) This tool works fine and I find it very handy.  I no longer need it because I have two of them.

$20 minimum.

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